Agency Management Is Defined As:

"Doing whatever is necessary to achieve consistent production growth, build high-performing producers, and maintain profitable operations."
~ Jack & Gary Kinder


WLG Consultancy Sdn Bhd  (formerly knows as WealthLink Agency) has been in operation since 2006. Since its inception, WLG has focused on providing professional life insurance and financial consultancy services to the customer.

Over the years, WLG has gained trust and confidence from our esteemed customer to become their preferred consultant due to our passion and readiness to go extra miles in providing solution to them. WLG has expanded to include 20 professionally trained agents. Under the mentorship of Mr. Rex Lim Chee Yen and Dato' Dr Chua Meng Min, WLG’s agents undergo professional MMTS training and practice SEED (Simple, Easy, Effective, and Duplicable) approach in achieving milestones in their career.

Unlike traditional agencies which focus only on career performance, WLG place equitable weight onto the 3 core elements (Work, Lifestyle & Grow). Dynamic work must be coupled with balanced lifestyle to contribute to long term and healthy personal growth. WLG is packed with off work and social events. In WLG, we work and succeed together, at the same time we enjoy the fun and laughter together.

WLG strongly believe in achieving threewin situation: Continual expansion of WLG consultancy firm, Personal achievement of agents, and last but not least, the satisfaction of customer on products and services provided by WLG.

vision & mission


We aim to establish a reliable and trustworthy relationship with our clients. We pursue an all win situation where client are able to shed the tasks to us, and at our side, trying our very best to accomplish given mission beyond their expectation. Concurrently, we have a milestone objective to become a “5 million dollar” agency by the end of 2020.


At WLG, we endeavor to provide a growing ground for young and motivated individual to prove themselves. We believe that our proven system and mentorship will provide opportunity and guidance to them to attain success, not only in their career, but for long term personal growth.

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rex Lim
Pillar of WLG

Rex Lim

Rex began his career with AIA shortly after his graduation as a Bachelor of Banking & Finance from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, in year 2002. With Rex’s proactive attitude and proven performance, he was promoted to until manager in 2006. Subsequently, Rex founded WealthLink Agency with the vision of providing a home ground for motivated agents.

Rex understands the importance of agency’s support to an agent’s path of success. All WLG’s agents undergo professional training and utilize WLG’s proven system to guide and assist them in achieving results. As the leader of WLG, Rex is always ready as a mentor who would educate and train them full heartedly.

Rex is passionate in both his career and as well as his personal hobbies. He is an active member of Porsche Club and has participated in numerous motor sport competitions with winning awards. Apart from pursing career achievement, Rex believes that work life balance is equally important. He treats his fellow members as his family and would do his best endeavor to see to their personal growth.
To extend his services to client as a full range lifestyle financial planner, Rex is professionally trained as an estate planner under Rockwills Corporation. Rex has practiced for many years and has been appointed as trustee by many of his clients. Rex is a veteran property investor who has completed many successful investments over the years together with his investment partners. Rex is constantly conducting research while observing the property investment market to gain insight to the industry. With his vast experience and “knowhow”, Rex has been providing advices to investors and his information is proved to be very helpful in helping these investors to secure a rewarding investment.

Rex’s Personal achievement:
  • MDRT Qualifier For Year 2011, 2012(P), 2013(P), 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.
  • MDA - Million Dollar Agency For Year 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017.
  • International Dragon Award (IDA) Bronze Award 2010.
  • Namlifa Akard Award Top Rookie Agent 2012 (P) - Champion
  • AIA Top Associate Manager 2012 (P) - Champion
  • MMST MOE 39 Invited Speaker 2013.
  • AIA Central Region Top unit Manager 2013 - 1st Runner Up
  • AIA Central Region Top Unit Manager 2014 - 2nd Runner Up
  • MDRT MCC (Membership Communications Committee) as Local Chairman for AIA BHD 2014 to 2016.
  • AmMetlife Invited Speaker for Final Sprint 2015.
  • MDRT DAY Malaysia 2015 - Mandarin Forum Speaker
  • MDRT Experience Hong Kong 2016 - Connexion Zone Speaker (Cantonese)
  • AiA MDRT Nationwide Roadshow Speaker 2016
  • MMTS MDRT Ambassador 2016
  • MDRT Vancouver 2016 - Malaysia Flag Bearer
  • MDRT DAY Malaysia 2016 - Mandarin Session Moderator
  • AiA Luseb Final Sprint Invitation Mandarin Speaker 2016
  • MDRT PDC (Program Development Committee) 2016-2018
  • Takaful Ikhlas Invited Speaker 2017
  • MDRT Orlando 2017 - AiA Connexion Zone Speaker
  • MDRT Day Malaysia 2017 - MDRT Speaks
  • AiA MDRT Ambassador 2017-2018
  • Tokio Marine Life (East Malaysia) final push invited speaker 2017
  • MDRT Los Angelos 2018 - Connexion Zone Speaker
  • Generali Indonesia 2018 invited speaker for Surabaya, Semarang and Bandung
  • AIA Global MDRT Ambassador 2019
  • rex Lim
    Our Mentor

    Dato' Dr Chua Meng Min

    Dr. Chua’s consultancy service is unique to the Malaysia environment. His education background on strategy and marketing as well as his down to earth style are major factors in influencing his ways of tackling the business. He is a strong proponent of K.I.S.S. as can be seen from his canned sales talks.

    Like McDonald’s, he does not believe in selling too many things, trying to be ‘everything to everybody’. The first and most important lesson he will teach you is ‘Know Who You Want To Sell To’. McDonald’s ‘Happy Meal’ is not sold at all outlets throughout the world by accident. The same should be applied to our business.

    After witnessing the many failures in our business due to wrong priority, he is not apologetic when he asks his clients to focus on ‘profit ’, because he knows your family has high expectation on you. What others tell you to do or to be is not important.
    Agency Managers who engage his services know that he is someone you can rely on, whether it is a business or family problem. He is a no nonsense person as far as developing the life insurance business is concerned. He will go to great length to talk about the business if he finds the new recruit is good. He can ‘smell’ the potential of a person in this business and will not be afraid to ask the prospective agent to continue with his present job if he finds him not up to his mark. He believes this approach is more human. This is great difference from many agency leaders who will not hesitate to talk in anybody (whom he knows has no potential) due to self interest.
    Dr. Chua is a successful entrepreneur as well as investor. His investment approach and beliefs can be found in his talks delivered during his mentoring programs. Many Malaysians lost their money in the stock market and properties because of wrong beliefs. He still thinks you can make money from these two sectors, provided you study the market before investing. Of course, life insurance plays an important role in his investment portfolio.

    rex Lim

    About AIA
    The AIA Group Limited exists to provide our customers with financial protection, security, and a comfortable future. As a company, we understand that life is unpredictable. It has its highs as well as its challenges and everyone is on a different journey. That’s why our starting point has always been understanding people. By being genuinely engaged with people’s real lives, we gain deeper insights that enable us to offer a range of insurance and wealth management products that fit the needs of the individual.

    Over the last 90 years, we’ve built our business upon serving the ever changing needs of the people and companies in Asia. Our personal, relationship based approach has made us part of the fabric of life here. And we will continue to protect generations of people, for many years to come, whatever life brings them.

    So whether you need support in achieving your ambitions, supporting a family, enjoying retirement, or anything else: we understand where you’re coming from, because we’ve been there ourselves. That’s why we like to think of ourselves as the real life company.

    the team

    WLG Team is growing to include more individual of high caliber

    rex Lim

    rex Lim

    Top Associate

    Cannie Lee

    Cannie joined AIA on 1st of march, 2011. Subsequently, she has become one of the Top 3 Agents of AIA Malaysia and as well as obtained Top Rookies Agent (Klang Valley) Award for 2011.
    Within 6 months, Cannie has qualified herself as Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) members at September 2011. Cannie’s striking achievement is attained through her result oriented working attitude that pushes for performance continuously

    Cannie has set her next goal to enlist herself into Court of the Table (COT) and TOT (Top of the Table).

    Cannie’s Personal achievement:
  • MDRT Qualifier 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Top 100 Summit Convention Qualifier 2013, 2014
  • Elite convention qualifier 2018
  • Summit Convention Qualifier 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Top Rookie Agent 2011 (Champion for KL Region), (Top 3 for AIA Malaysia).

  • rex Lim

    Rising Star

    Ben Lee

    Ben joined WLG in 2014 and has brilliantly proven himself by qualifying for Star Convention within a short time frame. Ben is an excellent team player who would always place the team’s benefit as priority. Ben believes that his personal growth and his team’s success is a mutual goal. Ben has set his goal to qualify himself as MDRT member and as well as to promote to Unit Manager in year 2015.

    Ben’s personal achievement:
  • Star Convention Qualifier - Korea 2014, Japan 2015, Perth 2016

  • Ben Lee

    Rising Star

    Tiffany Liu

    With less than a year with WLG, Tiffany has for recruited 4 agents to join and work together with her. Tiffany has set for herself an ambitious yet achievable milestone to become MDRT member and Unit Manager. Apart from her excellent work performance, Tiffany takes up the role as the event for all WLG members.

    Tiffany’s personal achievement:
  • Star Convention Qualifier – Korea 2014, Phuket 2016, Perth 2016
  • Promoted to Assistant Unit Manager(2016)

  • Tiffany Liu

    Rising Star


    Alicia joined WLG in year 2011; previously she was a full time piano teacher and mother of two. She delegates her career and household very well as she wanted to seek for work, life, and balance.

    She decided to join WLG as Wealth Management Advisor that helping client in the area of wealth distribution such as wills and trust, as well as legacy planning. She is also one of the members in Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP) from United Kingdom.

    She had achieved her first MDRT in 2018 (MDRT 2019) with less than 40 cases. In the same year, she also qualified herself for the trip to Hokkaido, Sydney MDRT Global Conference, Okinawa and Yogyakarta.

    Her goal is to continue pursue MDRT until she awarded with lifetime membership in her career, which mean 10 years MDRT in the row. She believed only MDRT members are able to demonstrate highest quality advice and services to the clients.




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    Elite Leader's

    AIA Elite Brochure, click here.


    This is where you’ll start turning the skills you’ve gained pursuing your passions into the keys to unlock your potential. If you’ve done your research, considered your options and are full of determination, this is the place to be.

    Our selection tools are designed to find out if you have the skills, behaviors and passion we believe you’ll need to shape your future. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to complete. You can find overviews of the process and helpful tips from our recruiters.

    More into Faculty of Business/economic/ entrepreneurship/ finance / marketing

    3 months internship as Financial Services Consultant and area of expose are in finance, investment, insurance, loan and corporate risk management like employee benefit.

    In this period of internship, they are able to obtain 4 industry licenses such as Basic Insurance exam, investment linked exam, Islamic Takaful exam and General Insurance exam.

    Program includes from Sales n Marketing to Management. 5 star and certified training all for FREE.

    After the internship, they are given the chance to convert themselves into Full time with basic paid.

    We will be paying RM500-800 per month on selective individual and upon completion of the graduate will have a nice completion certificate as well.

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